When I was fourteen my grandparents revealed their plan to remodel their kitchen.  After my attempt to steer their creative energy in another direction failed, I asked that they save me a piece of the linoleum flooring and a small swatch of the fabric from the curtains.  We all had a good laugh, and they held up their end of the bargain. For a couple of decades, I was the proud owner of an overflowing box of sentimental treasures.  Wonderful, but very impractical.  In my mid twenties, I was drawn to a new way to capture memories. Fortunately, pictures store and travel much better than rock, coins and textile scraps.
My goal in each photography session is to highlight where you are.  Phases and seasons are so fleeting, relish them.  I want to give you dynamic images to help you remember that sheepish grin, those flyaway hairs, and the way those chubby fingers felt in your loving hands.

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